Slàinte mhath!


Larval Mass
Hello from the Scottish Highlands. I live literally on the shore of a North West Highland sea loch, and venture onto the sea mostly by kayak these days (a bit too cold for snorkelling, and my scuba diving days are over due to ear injury).

I've been fascinated by cephalopods for years, amplified further when I came close face to face with a cuttlefish while diving in the Mediterranean. Although I kept and had a lot of pleasure from a tropical marine tank for several years, I no longer do so and I doubt I'd attempt to keep a ceph - too many power outages here apart from anything else! So I suppose I'm going to get vicarious enjoyment from reading about the experiences of you dedicated souls who do keep them; and learning as much as possible about the Cephalopoda.


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:welcome: Beaky! We have many members who do not keep cephs but enjoy the vicarious experience, study them in the field or simply enjoy reading the latest ceph news! Glad to have you aboard!

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