Relocation went well


Well Octavius has been moved from the halide cube tank to a much roomier 29g with regular fluorescent light and more LR to hide. Since he has been so absolutley bold lately, he made it easy to pick him up from climbing over the lip of the tank into the bucket, for the trip up to my room. This new tank has an "octoproofed" octopus HOB skmmer which is much better then the now I can do maintanence to my coral tank in peace! No inking and no fuss, the hummelincki proves to be a very bold species. I'll get some pics and videos up by the end of this week.


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Interesting that yours crawls out of the tank. Octane has (knock on wood) never offered to put an arm out of the tank accept to touch my hand. He will come to the top and put the front of his webbing just at water level for me to pet him but does not seem interested in exploring above the tank.


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Oliver never crawls out. He sits at water level at the front for interaction, but never puts as much as a tentacle above the water. So much so that I have started to relax a little about the prospect of escape - but not to the point of failing to secure the lid, of course. :grin:


Weird, mine practically lives on the top edge during the day, sticking his arms or eye stalks out of the water occasionally, resembline a frog. I hope hes not in the habit of thinking everytime he "crawls out" hell escape to a bigger and better home!

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