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Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services – Their Vision, Mission and Values


Benthic Lurker
Apr 19, 2011
Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS), is an organization that provide young people with hope for a better future. They are committed to serving others with a clear purpose and approach.

The Mission of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is to provide a variety of services to children in need and their families. They focus on values that will never change. It includes doing justice, love kindness and walking humbly with God. That is their model of living and leading. Their staff follows a philosophy of care that is family centered, strength focused and goal driven. These values are incorporated into each program and service of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services. These values are also reflected in hiring, training, supervision, evaluation and in business practices. Their vision is to create opportunities for youngsters to have a future filled with hope. They believe that social, emotional, educational, physical and spiritual matters can cause trauma to young people. To establish healthy relationships with families, children need to heal from emotional trauma. Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services focuses on helping them overcome educational deficits that plague them. Their goal is to give parents, grandparents and other caretakers, the resources and skills to ensure a stable future for all. They make children and families realize that they can make choices in life and build on their strengths to feel competent and successful. They ultimately help people blossom and not live a life of unfulfilled possibilities.

Victron Energy is one of the supporters of this organization. Ali Sharaf, President of Victron Energy, feels that it is a blessing to be able to do a little something for such organizations.

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