Possible Fossil Cephalopods For ID


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The bottom photo in post #2 looks like it may be an orthocone sticking out of an Ironstone Concetion.8-)

The others look like fractured Ironstone concretions (link). We find these concretions out here in some black shales, they always fracture with those smooth wrinkly surfaces, hard to tell if they are fossils or not.
bear in mind that im only an amateur, but i might be able to help.

the third pic on your is interesting. the gentle v-shaped suture line looks a lot like the ventral surface of the nautiloid/ammonoid Bactrites. the second pic on your first post might be the nautiloid Spyroceras. ive never collected personally from Pennsylvanian deposits, so i could be dead wrong.
Architeuthoceras;194081 said:
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My eyes ain't what they used to be, could you help explain where you see a suture line? :old:
its on the part of the cephalopod thats outside the concretion. the area is out of focus, but you might see it in the larger image.

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