Hello everyone, I am new to and I am very happy that i have found this site it’s been great. Anyways, i have been a big fan of cephalopods for a long time, but I was never able to get an octopus. However, recently my mom said that i can have one because my grades were good. Unfortunately, she is still reluctant because we know little to nothing about octo care. Everyone seems to like Bimacs so I will probably get one of those if I can. Please please please, i need all the help i can get (if I don’t learn how to take care of an octo I wont be able to one, and i really really want one).


Colossal Squid
Welcome! :welcome: the two pieces of advice i can offer are to fist try the ceph care link on the left side of the main screen and then reading as many posts in Cephalopod Care as you can.... i personally dont keep an octo (although ive thought about it) but ive learned a ton just by keeping my eyes open....

after you wade through that, there are plenty of sage-like octos keepers to help you with you queries... :)

as for a source, i cant remember anyone ever having anything negative to say about, and i believe a healthy number of people here have dealt with them...


Colossal Squid
Hi RockThis!

One of the best links for you will be the equipment list at it details exactly what you will need to do this properly, it will take some time to go through it all and get prices etc but dont be put off! Its a science in itself to keep an octopus in captivity and we need to do it right so WK is right by saying to read up as much as you can... and ask questions if an when you need to....

happy reading

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