Pilot Whale stranding video

Steve O'Shea

Colossal Squid
This is a low-res copy of our latest whale-stranding video to give you some idea of what we have been up to in recent months (I've been rather quiet). (You can actually change to HD using the little box to the lower right, but you might have to play it twice, given the length of time to stream).

Skull & Bones are the wonderful bunch of guys I work with to edit the footage.

Maximise the screen (sorry about the jerkiness; the broadcast version is smooth).



Colossal Squid
Staff member
Sad story, but a very well put together video........Great camera work ;)

Steve O'Shea

Colossal Squid
We're testing for everything D, absolutely EVERYTHING!

Help us go viral; please post the link to your facebook page. The more viewers the better - send the message - there's something else happening in (maybe) 5 days that will help us, but my lips must be sealed until it does (it could be a week later).


Pygmy Octopus
Wow. This was really sad. I posted it to my Facebook, though. The majority of people don't seem to know what's going on in the ocean...

I'm anxious to hear what you discover from the autopsy. Keep us posted!

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