OMG guys , im so busy , im getting in 3 octos tommorow, two bimacs and a briarus


im getting a briarus species octopus for my 55 in my bedroom and jim emaild me today to let me know that he is shipping my two bimacs for my 240 gallon tank today as well for tommorow delivery

im gonig to be so busy , acclimating them

im doing a water change on my 240 as my nitrates are a litle high ,

they are a light orange where it is suppossed to be yellow, but other than nitrates,

everything looks great

i need some names.

fingers ? adn then i need a couples name for the two bimacs that will be going in the 240

maybe lucy and ethel lol


Haliphron Atlanticus
brilliant!!! your gunna need some feeder tank!!!

I'd go for Bert an Ernie or

Ted & Dougle and Jack ( not sure if you'll get that if you havnt seen Father Ted)


Colossal Squid
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Wow!!! I am soooo jealous!!! Nothing like having octos from one end of the house to the other!!! Make sure you keep us updated!!!! And acclimate slowly!!!!



my last octo i acclimated for 30 minutes adding 5 ml of water every 5 minutes

but i think im even going to do it slowe this time

one reason it was so short last time is caue the last time i approached the bag to add 5 more ml , he inked really bad and i thought it would kill him if i left him in the bag

ive never kept briarus species before , im eager to see what it looks like.

i hear they dont like lights though , so im going to have to find me so really low wattage bulbs
right now on his tank is 80 watts of regular flourescent


Use the drip method: take a few feet of air line tubing, tie a couple loose knots in it and start a siphon from your main tank into his bag. Tighten or losen the knots as needed so the water drips in--that way you don't need to freak him out every few minutes. I've been lurking on seahorse pages and some of them recommend to let the bag sit in the tank for fifteen minutes BEFORE dripping to start matching the temperature.




i dont know if 2 octopus has ever been kept together on this board

but octopets tol dme they keep severtal together fine and that I should be more than ok with 2 in a 240 gallon as long as they are well fed


I don't know anything about octo husbandry, but theres something to be said for keeping multiples in a tank. This means either one or a lot, not just two. In some cases it spreads out aggression, in other cases it negates aggression altogether. Again, I'm surprised to read that it is not standard practice to allow the bag to float for 15 minutes before adding water. In the tropical fish hobby this is always done to minimalize temperature shock, and most trop. fish are MUCH hardier than cephs. Just somemore thoughts. Congrats though on such expansion!!! I'm sitting here in a dorm room completely devoid of life and I'm not impressed (I gotta get myself at least a betta!). Look forward to hearing more.



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Thank you Travis for posting about your attempts to keep two octos together. We've had at least three attempts to keep two bimacs together here on this site and not one was successful. Not only were the octos very stressed, but the owners as well. I think we need to let Octopets know about this, too.



The aquarium hobby is full of well-intentioned people who are trying to break new ground...whether using an Eclipse tank for a reef, or housing too many animals in one space. The problem is, they actually believe they are trying something different, instead of listening to all of the failures of the past and learning from them.
Octopus have a large territorial area in the wild. Certainly larger than a few square feet. Yes, they can be housed together for brief periods of time...just like you can have houseguests over for a day or two without going crazy. In the long run, it is the animals that pay the ultimate price for this sort of experimentation.
If you are interested in housing multiple animals in the same tank, perhaps talking to Sir Righty about his dwarf cuttles might be the best way to go, yes ?

There is always a chance that it could work out, odd tank arrangements and multiple octos in one area, of is just that the realities of the situation outweigh the possibilities by a long margin, and we are talking about life here...not some abstract.

rant over,


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