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octopus inking during shipping


O. bimaculoides
Jun 2, 2015
New york
Hi , i was hoping someone could tell me the best procedure to do if an octopus inks during shipping. I know they need a long acclimation period so adding alot of water quickly could also be detrimental. Thanks Tom


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Getting them out of the ink is the highest priority. Most don't survive if they ink during shipment as the ink coats their gills and they suffocate. If it arrives alive, you have a chance but don't try to dilute the shipping water. You can prepare a bit for this event to minimize the acclimation trauma by placing a bucket of your tank water outside the night before (for an attempt at temperature match and may help with PH if the temps are cooler than your tank water), having a heavier salt mix (for salt match if the incoming water is saltier) as well as RO/DI freshwater (again for salt match if the incoming water is less salty - more often the case) on hand. Transfer the animal immediately to the best temp match water and then adjust the salt if needed to match the SHIPPING water (do not use the shipping water for any part of the acclimation. Then acclimate back to your tank water and temp over a 3 hour period.


Dec 21, 2014
Staten Island, NY
Hey Tomh - where in NY are you?

My ceph inked a tiny bit in her bag during transport from the pet shop to home - minor incident. I know it is easier said than done - don't panic. DW's advice is spot on. In the year or so of ceph keeping under my belt, I have learned it is all about being prepared.

Like... all those hollywood movies make a fuss out of being ready for when childbirth begins... pack the bag, bring everything, etc... you want to be THAT kind of prepared.

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