Octopus Briareus (Common Caribbean Octopus) Robson, 1929

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    Articles on raising O.briareus

    Life history and den ecology of Octopus briareus Robson in a marine lake - abstract

    Growth Data
    Bad OCR scan of a paper about dugeti that also contained comparisons to growth rates of briareus
    Temperature (c): 25
    Max Adult Size: 5700
    Hatchling WW (mg): 100
    Hatchling ML (mm): 7.0
    Overall Growth Rate (% BW/d) Exponential Phase: 6.0
    Overall Growth Rate (BW/d) Logarithmic Phase: 2.7
    No. WW Doublings Exponential Phase: 9.5
    Size at end of Exponential Phase (g): 58
    Duration of Exponential Phase (d) : 105
    Estimated Life Span(mo): 12
    Life Span in Exponential Phase (%): 35
    No Eggs/Brood: 300-700
    No Eggs/g BW: 0.88
    Egg Length (mm): 12-13
    Duration of Egg Development (d): 55-75
    Egg Development as % of life span: 18

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    Here is a bit of growth rate information found on octopus.com . If you scroll down to O.Briareus, the information is there.


    It basically says they attain 75% of their adult size in the first 17 weeks of their life. The article is not written all that well, and some of the information contained within the text contradicts itself (multiple times), but the basic core information on the species seems to be sound.

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