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Northern Florida and Octos?


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 15, 2010
Hello all. I am going on a trip to Northern Florida (my first time going on a plane/leaving new England!!!! :heee:) and we'll be doing a lot of fishing. Anyone know if I might encounter any octopi? I won't be capturing any of course, but it would be cool to see them in their natural habitat and I've heard a lot of you find them in tide pools?


Aug 13, 2009
I'm not sure how much luck you'll have finding them in tide pools, but if that's your method than I would suggest doing it in the middle of the night because the species you'll find around there will be primarily natural. Octopus have been found in the waters of every state bordering the Gulf of Mexico so you have a chance. I would also suggest snorkeling grass beds, mud flats, rock piles, and oyster reefs at night as well.


Haliphron Atlanticus
Sep 25, 2006
You never said if you are going to Northern Florida on the East coast or the west coast. I can't help you much either way (I only know about California octopus - which I mostly find in tide pools) but I'm sure it'll make a difference to anyone who can. You say you'll be doing a lot of fishing - so does that mean you'll be in a boat? How far out?

I know that in some parts of the world a lot of them are caught on hook and line, with some sort of bottom fishing rig , but that would involve a hook, and I'm not sure how easily an octopus can recover from that kind of wound.

My best advice is to ask the locals, especially in bait shops. A lot of fishermen catch octopus to use as bait, so the guys at a bait shop might be able to tell you how to do it.

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