[News]: State pioneers effort to save ocean species - Contra Costa Times

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    State pioneers effort to save ocean species
    [SIZE=-1]Contra Costa Times, CA - 2 hours ago[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]... David Crabbe, 48, a squid fisherman from Monterey, said commercial and sport fishers worked in good faith and came up with a plan that protects many areas ... [/SIZE]

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    Well, at least they are going to do something, even if it isn't enough. In order to get the fishermen to go for it, they'll probably also have to come up with some way they can supplement their incomes to make up for what they won't be making from fish. Unfortunately, they are always looking at the short term, and not understanding that if strong measures aren't taken soon, there won't be any more fish for them to catch. It's the same everywhere.....

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