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Steve O'Shea

Colossal Squid
If they are taking 100,000 tons a year in catch then this fishery is truly enormous, almost twice that in New Zealand for the smaller-bodied Nototodarus.

I sense a few hungry whales will start turning up.


yea theres a whole lotta humboldt squid. i just finished the last of 10 pounds of calimari i got for free from a friend that caught a few. i know that may not sit the best with some of you squid enthusiests. but never the less, they taste great.


Colossal Squid
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Which large squid would feature in Atlantic catches? I was at a supermarket near Reims (France) recently, that sold pieces of mantle, approximately 4 cm thick and cut up in largish rectangles (25 by 20 cm). No one was able to tell me what species this was, and I haven't been able to check yet with on-line resources so far.


Colossal Squid
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dunno. Our local whole foods has some similarly sized pieces of mantle that purport to come from Asia (Taiwan, maybe?) bit I haven't ever seen enough identifiable parts to have any idea of the species.

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