[News] Jumbo squid causing havoc in Chilean waters.


I especially enjoyed the two paragraphs starting with "according to (artisanal) fishermen" :roll:
Same old story...*sigh* It really cannot be their fault at all, no sir, been fishing here for ever, you see, i had to buy that new boat/net/whatever to keep up with competition and the ugly squids, if i don't wreck the stock then the squids will get the fish...et caetera ad nauseum
see stories about wolves in Europe, otters (iirc) in the UK, and whatever other species predates (even ocasionally) on something with any commercial importance to human industry :x



another old bunch of dusty saws...bummer. On par with the : "my father and his father fished these waters every day of their lives, and it didn't hurt anything." (hmm, did they use powered nets and high tech gadgetry to pull in somewhere around 300x as much as when everything was done by hand?). "so, it's my right to do the same."
Short sighted, misguided people....sad, really.

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