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    On new year's day, we silently launched our new image Gallery. Happily, we were able to successfully import hundreds of photos from the old system. There are still some problems with some user attributions, and our clean-up efforts will continue. If you feel there is a photo in the Gallery that should be associated with your username, please let me know via PM or by replying to this thread.

    Inherent with this new launch, we are adding to the perks list of the Ceph Head program. Only TONMO Staff and Ceph Heads are permitted to upload photos / images to the new Gallery, and create albums. Everyone is permitted to see them. Registered users are permitted to comment on photos, videos, and albums, and "like" them.

    As usual, Registered users can of course still post photo attachments via our forums.

    A reminder, in addition to new forum posts, the "Recent Activity" sub-menu option available from the TONMO homepage will show you all of the latest activity on TONMO, including creation of new articles, and new additions to the Gallery.


    Please note: as with our forums, any content or images posted to our Gallery can be used by TONMO for its own purposes, in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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