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Jul 14, 2009
well first let me say hello everyone :) i started looking into cephalopods awhile ago and doing research i know a good amount about keeping them. my friend wanted one since she started keeping saltwater fish but none were available and i knew they were hard to keep.

present day we found a supposed dwarf octopus in a lfs and they were going to kill it because no one wanted him and it was getting expensive to feed it :( so we decided to take him under our wing and put it in a 29 gal biocube. i just finished escapeproofing the tank this after noon using 1/16 in mesh and some new abs plastic sheeting. im 99% confidant he cannot get out.

the lfs said he does not require a heater in his tank nor a chiller bc the room is kept at 70* +- .5* the tank is staying stable at 68*.

i only have afew questions now about keeping it

1) how can i ID him to know for sure about his temp requirements? i can provide a pic later this week i know some1 can help online but are there things i can look for to determine species?

2) how big of a bit of food is safe for him to eat i know he can consume atleast 1 full silver side but is that enough? what about crabs how big is safe?(declawed ofcoarse)

3) lighting for him is one standard 65w actinic power compact good?

i think thats it thanks alot guys i look foward to making new friends here :) oh yeah he is aprox 22 inches armtip to armtip and i have seen him color morph to whites browns reds blues and greens if that help ID

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