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Discussion in 'Cuttlefish Care' started by jamest0o0, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I was just curious do cuttlefish make interesting pets? I know they are expensive to keep and I would never plan on getting one until I absolutely knew as much as possible about them... But to start I just wanted to find out what peoples views on them were?
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    A lot of folks around here find them quite interesting (but that's sort of self-selecting, of course.) this is a good place to start, and a number of folks have kept logs of their animals: Cuttlegirl did a particularly good job of documenting her 3 cuttles a year or so ago, and I always enjoy hearing Paradox's opinions... Shipposhack is raising some from eggs now, and dwhatley, DHyslop, and quite a few others have had bandensis. I believe Colin has kept officinalis in the UK, and some of the pro aquarists like gjbarord have a lot of cuttle experience as well (probably marinebio_guy and Jean as well, but they seem to talk more about their octopuses.)

    Also, there are some other good articles under the ARTICLES button at the top of the page, but the one I linked to earlier is probably the best place to start. The ceph care articles emphasize octos more than cuttles, but many of the same issues apply, particularly in food supply and water quality... cuttles are more social and don't escape the way octos do, but other than that their requirements are fairly similar.
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    :welcome: to Tonmo! Our members who have kept them have certainly enjoyed them. They're a lot of fun to watch.
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    :welcome:to our world!!:smile:

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