new octopus, PLEASE HELP


Larval Mass
i just got my new octopus the other day, when i put him in the tank, he kindov flotted on the bottem for a few seconds, and then shot behind a rock, from then on, i couldent find him, untill today, my friend spotted him at the back of my tank, behind all of my live rock, burried in the sand. it was almost impossible to see him. hes not there anymore, no idea where he whent, its a 55 gallon with lots of live rock, i havent seen him out in the open since i first put him in, IS THIS NORMAL????:banghead:

Animal Mother

Yup, very normal for a new octopus to hide for a while. Don't dig through the rocks, you'll only stress it out. Just offer food occasionally on the end of a stick (wooden skewer or something similar) and it will eventually get the idea.


Colossal Squid
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do you know what species it is? For some, particularly the small ones, it's more of a concern if they aren't hiding. If s/he is out and about enough to take a picture, you might want to post it in the "ID Requests" forum, unless you're pretty sure of the species.


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Yes, this is normal. Don't worry. Just make sure you're offering food (shrimp or crabs) and remove any uneaten food after a couple of hours.


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