New Kaiju board/wargame featuring The Big C

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Graeme, Oct 15, 2008.

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    ... sort of...

    Monsterpocalypse! is the new game from Privateer Press featuring big beasties and serious beatdown in a built up area, a la Gojira, Power Rangers, Gundam, Dangaioh, etc, etc. One of hte factions are quite clearly Homage Frais to those eldritch terrors of Lovecraft's stories... basiclaly Cthulhu at this time (but hopefully we'll see Dagon, Ithaqua and even Cayegha[imagine that!:sly:] in later expansions). It's a really sound play system that offers a lot for tactical play, as well as badass powerups!

    Thought you'd all be interested.

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