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    Hello everyone ,i am new to the cephalopod world.. i have had several tanks from a marine 10g to a 75 gallon tank and now I'm In my own home i am trying to start a 36g bow front with a 10g sump .. i was wondering if anyone could give me any local stores that would carry or might be able to get cuttlefish in.. any and all advice is welcomed as well
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    I'm unfortunately not too knowledgeable on keeping cephalopods, but I'm sure one of our ceph owners will be able to help you out!
    That being said, Welcome to Tonmo! :welcome:
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    An official :welcome: Admiral. Hopefully we will eventually do a minicon!

    Actually, GPO87 has a LOT of ceph keeping knowledge, just not for live one :grin:

    One thing I would suggest right off the bat is to see if you can get a larger tank to fit where you are putting your sump. Even a 15 will make a difference. Keep in mind that you cannot fill it full (you will need to allow for pump off drain back) and you need room for your skimmer and pumps. I found a breeder style (short) 15 that JUST fit my 37 gallon stand (with a slight amount of stand alteration). If you can find a scratched up acrylic cheaply you can even cut it down if height is a problem. If you already have the 10, keep it for food for the hatchlings.

    The best stocked places I know of are too far for me to frequent but they have been toward Kennesaw and Marietta. There is quite literally, nothing up my way and I am not familiar with anything toward you. The one really large aquarium store in Buckhead (I have forgotten the name) went away a few years ago and our all years favorite, TropAquarium, has been gone for years so I am not much help locally. Watch the availability threads in the Sources for Cephalopods and Food forum (you can subscribe to be emailed when there is a post) for notices of findings.

    Cuttlefish eggs ship well (no so with octo eggs as they do best when hatched with the mother's care but even then survival is miniscule). Thales has a great article on hatching and raising bandensis that is a must read while you are deciding which ceph to keep.

    We need more build-out threads in our Tank Talk forum so please consider keeping a journal as you build out your tank :grin:

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