New Format for Ceph Care forums!


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I'm pleased to announce a new structure for our Cephalopod Care forums. The main objective of this change is to better categorize discussions for octopus and cuttlefish respectively, and also allow a separate forum for Suppliers of Cephs and Food, with appropriate sub-forums. The Suppliers forum encourages identfication of suppliers, and also actual customer reviews of vendors. We will ask that your reviews be fair, honest, respectful, and factual. That doesn't mean they have to be "good" reviews but at the same time we won't allow vendor-bashing. If you need to give a "bad" review, we'll ask you do so in a measured way. Thanks in advance.

I hope this change allows you all to stretch your tentacles a bit! The revised Ceph Care forum structure is as follows:

Octopus Care
-> Journals & Photos
-> Raising Octopus from Eggs
Cuttlefish Care
-> Journals & Photos
-> Raising Cuttlefish from Eggs
Sources of Cephalopods and Food
-> Octopus
-> Cuttlefish
-> Food for Cephs
Tank Talk
ID Requests
Exotics and Rare Species
Thanks to ceph care Staff and community for the guidance!


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:notworth: Sweet!:octorun:

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