Mesh on overflows


I put some mesh on my overflows to prevent escape but now the flow is restricted and the pump is pumping water faster than the overflows can feed it. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, what do you do about the mesh getting clogged all the time? I am worried the mesh will clog Nd my tank will overflow.


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Your mesh must be too fine I've used the kind that comes on packages of little tomatoes, washing it and rinsing it very well.
You will have to clean mesh frequently - a toothbrush is a good tool.



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Like plastic green stuff, Nancy? I was thinking of using fiberglass window screen material but this thread made me realize that probably won't work. I'm still gonna use the fiberglass to cover other openings that aren't filled with water.


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Window screen is so small that it clogs almost instantly. Try gutter guard available at home improvement stores. There is also a product called vexar that come in different size meshes if you can find it. Tap Plastics also have good stuff.

What animals are you trying to prevent going over the overflow? If you need to use window screen, can you throttle back the pump?


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Is the overflow a bulkhead? If so, is it threaded inside? We found a decent inhibitor (similar to my initial DIY) that looks like the intake screen on a canister but is made to fit an overflow (tube like with slotted sides). Drs Foster and Smith have some on their website but did not have them in stock for a long time. Ultimately we found them elsewhere. If you have further interest, let me know and I will dig up the invoice.

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