Lil Pumpkin & Ink Update


Colossal Squid
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Saturday will be 3 weeks since he arrived! Deffinately has doubled in size. May have an attitude as sometimes, when he's on the front of the tank pacing and I put my hand up, he tries to push it away! Think I need to relocate the Jawfish this weekend, so I can start letting him out. Think I will leave the Pethome in there with the door removed. He's a pig! Eats a hermit crab every other day. I was so excited this morning cause he flashed the polka dot coloring like Ollie and the other new babies! When he's gonna jump a hermit crab, he goes black and this morning, the conehead!!!!

Almost 7 months for Ink and she is still eating. She has started coming out hunting. Couple days ago she was plastered to the front of the tank, which she hasn't done in over a month.



3 weeks already, eh? It's nice to see/hear that Lil Pumpkin's doing well, and especially nice to hear about Ink. Cool pics again, Carol.



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Hi Carol,

Thanks for the wonderful pics of both Ink and Lil Pumpkin (who's quite a little conehead).

Good about Ink, too.


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