lets talk squids


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squidgirl01 said:
I want everyone to tell me anything and everything you know about giant and/or normal squids.
In Steve's case, that could take quite some time...

:welcome: to tonmo!

and methinks your image has a typo, or something... at least, it's not showing up for me...


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I remember when I was about 3 years old I went to Washington D.C. When I saw the carcass of a giant squid My dad, Grandpa and me spent... 5 HOURS JUST LOOKING AT THAT ANIMALS BODY! Ever since then I have dedicated my life to the research of cephlapods.I think that's pretty impressive for a 2 and a half year old girl don't you think so?


Colossal Squid
with all my :heart: I have spent nearly all of my waking hours for the last several years obsessing about them!



I only tell them I love them to get them into bed

(with apologies to terry pratchett)


Larval Mass

I'm new to these Forums, but I crawl tonmo.com for information for some time now.

To get back to the topic...

I really like those invertebrates because they seem a lot like me, but much more intelligent :wink:

To give you an impression of what I'd like to say:

- They are VERY skilled if it comes to solving problems and doing something "manually" (should I say tentaclly...)

- They look cool

- They like sex ;)

- They look nice and handsome, but underneath they're really badarse predators

- As we might be the "most evolved" species on earths landmasses they definitely rule the deepsea

- I think there's a nice english word that saysitall: tremendous

Please excuse my bad english as I'm not a native speaker.



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