Just found this site


Just stumbled across this site. I've been reefing for 10 years and work in the industry. I've had an octopus for two months now and look forward to learning more about them. Adam


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Welcome, thanks for joining! Looking forward to reading about your efforts.


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:welcome: redddogg69
From your id, I will have to ask if we are in the same neck of the woods :grin: Even if we are not neighbors, it is helpful to edit your profile and add something to the displayed location field. You can be creative but it is most helpful if it at least identifes which country and general location.

If you have not found them yet, our members often keep an on-line journal for each of the octopuses they keep and I would invite you to start one for your existing animal. Even though you have had it for two months, an introductory paragraph or two on where it came from, how it got there and your first experiences after acclimation would be a great way to start. Pictures are not manditory but we like to have them (lots of them). We don't have a direct download for videos but the forum will accept links to any public posting site (I use YouTube).

To see the species we have journaled, visit the Octopus Care Forum and look at the stickies at the top titled List of Our Octopuses 20xx. From 1008 forward, the list is linked to the individual journals.

I look forward to seeing your critter!

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