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    H lunulata small male tall Aug 13 2014 a.jpg This is the result of a marathon mating session this morning. I introduced a small male and they stayed attached for over 3 hours. It is always a plus when they turn so that I can see insertion. Spermatophores were released, but I missed the transport. The last image is the "small" male immediately after he released his grip and jetted a few cm away. This "tall" display is often given by males when near other blue-rings.

    Sure glad I don't have to use film anymore!

    Roy H lunulata mating Aug 13 2014 b med.jpg H lunulata mating Aug 13 2014 c med.jpg H lunulata insertion Aug 13 2014 A med.jpg
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    WOW you are A fantastic photographer. Every pic you post is just breath taking. God I need to use my SLR and Macro lenses
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    :notworth: As always on your photographs. Still watching for you to announce that coffee table book @mucktopus keeps trying to get you to publish!

    Do you know where the spemataphores/spermatangia/sperm are stored in the blue rings? Most of the literature mentions that this is unknown.

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