In need of some insight? For feeding baby cuttle


I have 100 mysid shrimp and 15 amphipods, How would you store them so as to have easy retrieval for feeding a baby cuttlefish.Would it be harmful to put them all in the net breeder with the cuttle...


Haliphron Atlanticus
The cheapest solution would be a 2nd net breeder. I wouldnt put all of it in with the cuttle. You will want to be able to see it eat and it should learn that you are the one feeding him. It will also make it easier to train them to eat frozenin the next coming weeks.

A cleaner solution would be to have a seperate container plumbed into the system. If you have a sump, you can have this container in between the main tank and the sump. Have gravity siphon water to the container and have the container have a large drain that will release the water to the sump. Make sure the drain is much larger then the water siphon coming in, so the container will never over flow. You can also use a float valve to shut off the siphon if the water gets to high in the container. This water can be very low volume flow such as just use a traditional air tube to siphon the water.

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