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i put in my substrate and my live rocks and i filled it up about 75% with reverse osmosis water. Now i am planning on adding the salt but i was wondering if i should wait until my tank was full? And if i do wait im gonna have to wait about 3 hours and i wanted to know if the bacteria and/or live rock can last.

thanks in advanced


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I don't think you want to put in all the salt into 75% of the water - that would make it too concentrated. You could put in a proportional amount of the salt. But by now, you may have all the water you need.



RT, did you already put in the live rock and bacterial culture prior to adding the salt? It is usually best to get the saltwater leveled out, and then put stuff in, but it will be ok, I am sure...just add the salt slowly, waiting for periods inbetween to make sure you don't add too much, I have seen a lot of people have to drain out saltwater to level the specific gravity,and that is money (pardon the pun) down the drain.
Good luck with your new (and much better) tank...keep us posted!

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