How to Cuttle poof an aquarium?

Aug 13, 2009
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I'm expecting some dwarf cuttlefish eggs tomorrow. I'm reading through DWhatley's [Cuttlefish Eggs] journal right now, but I have a few concerns about my current set up. 1.) Do I need to block the two overflows from the main display so the cuttles don't get stuck or killed, and if so recommendations? 2.) I'm using a sicce syncra 5.0 + a 3/4" SCWD with about a 3' head height to create some turbulence for the small reef I have in the center of the tank. The majority of the high flow is directly over the reef and there are some med/low flow areas over the rest of the tank. Should I be concerned about too much flow? 3.) I am growing red mangroves on either side in front of the overflow in an attempt to allow their roots to overtake the two back corners and hide the overflows and returns. The sand bed on either side of the reef to the edges of the aquarium is scattered with a variety of sea grass species and macro algae. I know these guys like to have hiding spots but also like to lay/dig in the sand. Should I add more rock or would the vegetation work as well? I'm going for a lagoon style aquarium with more vegetation than reef. 4.) Should I cover the top of the tank? Is there any concern for these guys jumping out? I've had some fish commit suicide that one would not expect to jump out. I don't want to come home and find such an expensive investment desiccated on the floor.

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