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My name's Bronwen, I'm 23 and I live in the DC area but originally from South Africa. I breed snakes (at the moment Corns, Kings, Ball Pythons and Columbian Red Tail Boas) and have a cat currently but I've had dogs, cats, parakeets, many many different fish (however, not saltwater), hermit crabs, ferrets, and even ducks as pets before. As you can tell, I'm a big animal lover :grin:

I've been into marine life for as long as I can remember and my favorite by far are octopuses :tentacle: . I never thought you could have them as pets until 2005 when my online friend had one. So I've been interested in one pretty much ever since. I think now is a good, non-hectic time in my life to start setting up a tank to mature.

Thought I would come here for some extra research and help if I needed any. So Hi!


Haliphron Atlanticus
:welcome:! I live in herndon, so right around the corner from you :smile:. Just a suggestion, visitwww.wamas.com. It's the local marine aquarium group, it'll help you set up a tank for a lot cheaper (second hand supplies, LR, etc) and without as many mistakes :wink:.


Hi Bronwen, and welcome. It looks like you have another challange ahead of you, saltwater tanks do take a bit more time and effort than FW tanks, but the extra work is worth it (IMO). I'm only newish here and there is so much to read and take in, so sit back read ...read...read and enjoy it. haggs

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