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I have recently been loosing a lot of the invertibrates in my 120 gallon set-up. I went through the usual routine of water testing, changing, setting traps, and night watches to no avail. I had also noticed that a lot of my decor like rocks and large shells would 'migrate around the tank'. A few days ago my anemone ended up upside down and buried. I did another night watch and was shining a light into a hole in my rock when what I could only fig was a ceph do to the eyes and general look poked its 'head' into veiw. I realized I had seen him before in this hole but because i had never seen him move and his camo had mistaken it for part of the rock. I'm I right in my guess that it is a nocturnal ceph? I'm sorry I have never seen him entirly which i know makes it difficult. Also I know the traditional fish and shrimp traps are not working any suggestions on luring it out so I can remove him, I have small fish.

Ryan Smith

Well, if you had wanted an octo you would be quite lucky. You could try luring it out with a crab at night, but then the catching and doing something with it might be hard... A trap with a crab in it might work, and then a fish store might take it off your hands for you? I would wait for better advice... Sorry I couldnt help. Good luck


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First, you probably want to be sure this is what you have. Catching it without disrupting your tank could be difficult and keeping it well fed is about the only hope for the fish until you do. I would try feeding it after the lights have been out for 3 hours (room and tank). Try a grocery store/seafood counter raw shrimp on a stick and hold the stick in front of its den. Leave it visible for as much as 5 minutes and try to keep your body out of direct view. This should let you see at least an arm to validate what you have. If you are successful in feeding it, continue to do so until you can remove it.

The simplest removal technique that might work is to offer it a new den that is removable. Any nice dark container can be considered. To encourage leaving the current den and looking for a new one, rig a light to shine in the existing den 24/7. Let us know how it comes out (with photos if you can get them)!


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Assuming you'll eventually be successful in catching your octopus, what are your plans for it? Most likely someone would take it, if you don't want to put it in anohter tank.

Hitchhikers are not that uncommon, expecially if you've added Florida live rock.


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