Hey from Korea


O. vulgaris
Well figured I'd introduce myself here formally.

I'm a 29 (or 31 in korean age) yr old male from Canada, living in Korea. I teach English here. I have been here for 2 years now, and plan on being at least another 5.

I had a 70 gallon fresh water tank when I was growing up. and always wanted a salt water one...

While living in Korea I constantly see octopuses and squid in tanks... So I thought I'd try my best to start up a tank and take on the task of saving one of these critters lives, or at least try to :D.

Got my self a new tank, and right now just waiting for everything to settle in.

Anyways, very nice to meet you all. Not sure how long my stay will be at the forum, but hopefully it will be an enriching joyful one. I have already had so much help.


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We have another member teaching English in Japan. Mikewise occassional updates us on his experience and has journaled some of the octopus sitings he has encountered so if you get the notion to take some photo of the octos you see in town a similar journal would be enjoyed by those of us who do not have the opportunity to visit.

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