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Hi all,

I read a lot of your postings and articles and you took me a big step forward. Thank you very much for showing me the ropes without even knowing me :wink:. The latter is subject to be changed now.

I am Ralf from Germany, Hamburg, next to the river Elbe, which flows into the Northern Sea. Northern Sea and Baltic sea are about an hour driving distance from my home. Around summertime there is a fair chance to collect Mysis, small shrimp, crabs etc. There are also a few LFS that sell not too expensive living Northern Sea Mysis etc..

I live together with different coral reefs for about 18 years now.
10 years ago I got the chance to keep a S. bandensis for some months (got an adult one and kept it until the end of its natural live).
Months ago, I cleaned out some of my coral fragtanks (65gal) and made room for hopefully some S. bandensis.

I tried to get a clutch of eggs and a guy from a LFS ordered them from a stocklist. (Un-)fortunately we got an nearly adult (2") sepia from the often found, well known type "Sepia sp." *growl*, instead of the eggs today.
"Scooter" is active and healthy. Arriving today, it already ate 8 living Palaemonetes varians shrimps.
Looking it deep in it's eyes, it seems to be an S. bandensis (hopefully). Else I am prepared to buy a children garden-pool for it :smile: .

There is a fair chance that I get a clutch of S.b. eggs the next weeks.
As little Scooter is here, I am a lot more patient now.

Well, I guess you already know that my english isn't that good, but I hope it will not keep me from getting in touch with you.

Thanks again,


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RalfP;139457 said:
Looking it deep in it's eyes, it seems to be an S. bandensis (hopefully). Else I am prepared to buy a children garden-pool for it :smile: .
:lol: ... Grüss Dich, Ralf, und herzlich willkommen! We'll look forward to hearing more about your cuttle adventures and any eggs you do get hold of in the future. In the meantime, good luck with Scooter!


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bluespotocto;139465 said:
:welcome: and good luck with your cuttlefish and getting more cuttlefish!!!!!!!!:smile::smile::smile: and your english isnt to bad i have seen worse on here!!!!:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
... from the locals and my misspellings:wink:

Please start a journal for Scooter :grin:


Pygmy Octopus
Thank you very much for your warm welcome!

I'll try to take some pics, but Scooter is still a little shy, coming out mainly in low-light situations.
The light is subject to change. The 250watts MH was fine for the coral frags that were in the tank before,
but seem to frighten Scooter.
Have to find out how to lure it out and take a pic at the same time.

yepp, that was me.
Thinking that I found the right place to exchange about cuttles,
it doesn't come as a supprise to me, meeting you here.
Pleasure to meet again.


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