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Pygmy Octopus

my name is Olli and I live in Germany. (Franconia part of Bavaria)
I'm interested in cephalopod since I was a small boy.
Up to now when we are on holiday in the mediterranean sea I always searched for octopus and other cephalopod.
The funniest adventure I experienced was with a sepia officinalis that I saw when I was snorkeling.:snorkel:
It tried to escape and has choosen a small hole in the rock. The problem for the sepia was, that the hole was a dead end. So I chanced it and snatched the sepia.
At the beach I wanted to show it my mother, when I left the water the sepia targeted its funnel in my direction and fired a full loading ink in my face.
A lot of people were laughing about that.
But that was not enough, in the next moment I felt that the sepia is sucking on my hand and nearly simultaneous it pinched in my hand with heavy power.
I realized that the sepia has won and I freed it back to the sea.

I'm here because I want contact with birds of a feather.
But I will also have a lot of questions by setting up my sepia-aquarium and hope here for assistance.

Greetings Olli


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:welcome: Octopoda! I have kept a couple of octopuses in my aquariums that have squirted me in the face but having any cephalopod do that in the wild would be a highlight of my animal experiences. I think interactions like that are double win for the cuttlefish because they elevate the ocean interest in the human.


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Wilkommen! Always good to welcome a new addition from this side of the great pond in our midst! I hope you'll enjoy our little corner of the web, Tschüß!


Pygmy Octopus
Hello and thank you for your greetings.

The adventure with the sepia was really funny, but sadly the most cephalopod have not so much luck when they are caught by humans.
At the mediterranean sea you can often see people that kill cephalopods just for fun.
I saw people in Spain that hurt a sepia with a harpune gun and than have thrown it on the beach.
It is also usual that Octopus vulgaris is caught with hooks to pull it out of holes.
Than they take the living octopus and hit it on rocks.
It takes a long time until the octopus is put out of its misery.
Some people take the head of the octopus and evert it.
In Tunisia I found a unused fishtrap when I was diving.
In the trap were dozens of cuttlebones, that were sepia that died there useless.
One sepia was still alive but with heavy injury.
Its cuttlebone turned out of its head.
I took my knife and destroyed the trap.
The sepia used the chance and escaped.

... some people think that cephalopods are monsters, ...

Greetings Olli

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