Hello all... could use some info, please help if you can


Larval Mass
Hey everyone,

I am an artist in Pennsylvania who stumbled onto a you tube video last month displaying these beautiful creatures ( Cuttlefish ) and fell in love immediately. I decided to sculpt a 3d model of the common cuttlefish after numerous sketches and have pretty much the whole body built, including the tentacles. I am struggling on the eyes for one, and figured the best way to find the answers was to ask the experts.

My question to anyone that can answer is...

Does the inside flap that is shaped like a 'W', sit inside the gelatinous eye, or does it attach to the outer skin? Also is the gelatinous part spereical in nature or does it keep to the contours of the skin?

I would appreciate any info, images, or links to find the answer. I have already scoured google in this pursuit, but the images look deceiving, and I can't figure it out.

Thanks for your help in advance...

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