Gurgling washing machine noise


If we add water, it stops. But the sump the following day shows no sign of us putting the water in (the tank is almost overflowing) and gurgles again.

Everything seems to be running fine.

What causes this? What can I do to get more water to the sump?

I swear there is plenty of water in the system, it seems to be getting stuck in the tank.


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Check your filter/overflow for blockage. This happens with one of my tanks when the filter (a sponge in this case) gets too dirty and blocks the flow of water back to the sump. Another time, a snail was in the display to sump line, essentially causing the same problem

ALSO check your salinity, if you are adding freshwater where it is not replacing evaporated water, you are diluting your salt content.


Fixed it! The intake tube in the overflow box was diiirrrty. Amazing how much work those little slots do.

Thank youuU!!!!!

That effing noise... drives me crazy. Running water is supposed to be CALMING.

Someone actually bought us one of those little stone fountain thingies... I can't wait to regift it... hahaha.

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