Good Morning People


Larval Mass
Hi everyone, yep, another newbie.

I have been curious about cuttlefish for a little while now, have done a little bit of research, but not much that much yet.

Thought I'd join and learn as much as I can about these fascinating little creatures before I decide if I am able to care for one or not.

any information, links and answers to the most random of questions is all greatfuly appreciated (I will hopefully remember to search first before asking)

Looking forward to learning from you all



Colossal Squid
Staff member
:welcome: to TONMO!

Try starting with the ceph care articles under the ARTICLES button at the top of the page... then look at the cuttlefish care and journals forums...


Larval Mass
Just found that bit, I only stumbled across the site last night and managed to register before passing out and snoring for England. Cheers, will get reading in between doing work stuff (which gets in the way of a lot of things just lately)

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