Glass crawling maniac


My octo is always on the glass now, racing and crawling, following me around the room or staring at a corner when we eat (His tank is in the dinning room). He also likes coming up to the surface and sticking his eye stalks out like a frog. Does anyone elses do this? (Theres no way for him out however, about an inch of air then the cube top above the water surface)


Octopus Prime LOVES to crawl on the glass as well; often with eyes right under or at the surface. it's how he spends most of his waking ours when not hiding. But then again, he definitely has his favorite perch (on a rock over his den) for eating meals. He will utilize the powerhead blowing in that region to blow any unwanted scrap away from his HQ. pretty amazing technique!


Blue Ring
Oliver loves to hang out at the front of the tank in what we call an inverted chrysanthemum, all legs curling down and around and two eyestalks poking up watching us and the cats. Not a shy lad at all, really.

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