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Giant Squid: How Do You Film One? - Discovery News


O. bimaculoides
Jul 31, 2006
Good article. I like to hear they are giving the Critter Cam another go. I also like the thought process going behind the equipment design and baiting Architeuthis.

An animal that has eyes the size of grapefruits is most likely going to stay away from bright flood lights.

Anyways I like what I am reading and I have no doubt in my mind they will get the first ever video of a Giant Squid in it's habitat.

Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002

I'm not sure where things are at with this; I couldn't make the meeting, so brainstorm I did not. We'll see - these things have a habit of changing. I'm trialing a new technique over the next few weeks which may come in handy next year.

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