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Larval Mass
I have been interested in owning an Octopus for a very long time. I have been an avid saltwater enthusiast for 15 years. I have been reading up on all the information I can get a hold of regarding these creatures. The tank that I am planning on using is a 40 long. I know that is on the small end for these animals, however is it possible. I will have plenty of filtration, a mechanical filter, uv sterilization, etc. Are there things that I need to be concerned about. Any and all information is welcome, the more the better.

Thank you for your time.


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There are a few articles for beginning octopus keepers in our Articles forum, All the stickied threads in the Octopus Care forum are well worth the read and I would especially suggest reading the threads linked in the Posts with Infor for New Octo Keepers.

I would highly suggest a sump with the 40 since it is on the smallest end of doable and would be too small with the needed filtration equipment. The bigger the sump the better to increase the water volume.

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