Fossil HELP!!! Warning...Large Photos!


Larval Mass

I'm new to this forum and fossils. I am trying to identify some of my finds. I hope the large pictures do not annoy anyone. Any help would be appreciated. How do I determine what time period they date and the kind of fossils?

I found this one on a beach in Hatillo, P.R. a few years ago. Someone said it looks like the mold of a Gastorpod (Snail), and possibly a Crinoid Stem right next to it and that there may be fragments of Bivalves or Brachiopods, also. Since I found this on a beach, how do I determine the age?

This is a rock that my son found in a park in southern N.J. Someone suggested possibly:
Phylum: Bryozoa
Class: Stenolaemata
Order: Fenestrata
...that is not native to southern N.J. (possibly transported in rock fill).

I think I found this one in Virginia.

This bone?!? was found by my son in another southern N.J. park during one of his baseball games.



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Looks like the ID's are good. The rock in the first photos looks fairly recent, probably from a coral reef around PR. The rock with the Bryozoa is probably Paleozoic.

Nice fossils joecheck, and :welcome: to TONMO.

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