Finding roommates! Or any advice in general


Larval Mass
So I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I really want to go TONMOCON (first time), and a friend is coming with. However, both of us are the typical broke college student, and since I'm kind of dragging her along (she finds my obsession with octopuses amusing), I don't feel comfortable asking her to room at the hotel if a hostel is cheaper.

I guess here's my question: anyone women out there want to be roommates, or should I just go with the hostel option instead? Splitting the hotel room four-ways would help keep costs down for us (and hopefully allow me to buy more stuff there haha!) and we will be where the con is and not have to figure out how to get around.

Any other advice in general would help, in terms of what to expect and bring etc. I appreciate it!



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Hope you can find a roomie! Staying there will be fun... Hope you can make it!

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Hillary, do work on finding (or bringing) enough people to stay at the hotel. Neal and I stayed (for economic reasons) in a separate hotel for TONMOCON II and decided we would find a way to aford to stay with the group next go round.

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