Larval Mass
After many months (I think around 6) of reserch and hope, i have finaly started setting up my octo tank :D . My question is on the wet dry filter I'm building. I have set it all up but i was wondering how I can defuse the water over the entire surface. I used a 3 cabnitet plastic sort of thing. I just need to know how to difuse the water over the top shelf.

P.S. Any recomendations for skimmers, around a hundred dollars, would be great.



I just bought a Prizm skimmer by Red Sea for $100. I can't say much about it yet. I have it on a 75 gallon setup with a couple fish and soon to be two eels. (waiting for the second to arrive at the LFS).

From what i heard, it takes a few days to adjust to your system before working properly. After that, you have to keep it well-adjusted. But i hear it's a good skimmer for that price range. It's rated for up to 100 gallons on the box, but i've heard it recommended for much smaller volumes.


Colossal Squid
you can either buy a bit of acylic or similar and drill holes every 1/4" al over its surface. make it so its a tight fit to squeeze into the start of the trickle tower.. its called a drip tray.
some LFSs actually sell pre-drilled bit for that purpose.


Pygmy Octopus
Way to go in being creative to make your wet-dry! I am always thinking up new ways to make them inexpensively, and I must admit that the cabinet idea has crossed my mind. However, I haven't gotten a chance to put one togethor yet. The clear, pull-out drawers would seem to be a real benefit. You will have to post something about how it works!


Larval Mass
I am about to set it up. All I need to do is get some live rock and a overflow. I'll let you know how it works. Also the post aboves link is where I got my design from.

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