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Larval Mass

I was just doing some reserch on the form when i noticed that in a section were people describe there tanks some people said they just use an external power filter and live rock. Is this ok to use Im use to to seeing you have to use a protein skimmer. I was just wondering.



Hi Octo:

Welcome to TONMO. I strongly advise using a skimmer in a ceph tank because of the amount of waste they produce. I've noticed a large increase in my skimmer's output since little Tralfaz (my bimac) took up residence. Good luck!


Yeah, like lawfish said. If I had to choose between the two, I would personally go with the protein skimmer just because it pulls so much junk out and will also help cleanup if the octo inks. If you have the $$$, a combination of both would be even better. You also need a good amount of oxygen in the water, so it's good to have a powerhead in there moving the water around. Let us know if you have any more questions, John


O. vulgaris
power filters only hide the waste products untill you clean the filter out.
Protien skimmers take the waste out of the water column and hold it in a colection cup.
IMO, I would get the skimmer first, then add other filters if you feel they are neccesary

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