EV 400 Protein Skimmer?? Anyone have/use the EV skimmers?

Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by SabrinaR, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I am currently getting all of my stuff together for my octo tank and wanted to ask about protein skimmers. I am the queen of OVER KILL when it comes to these things. My general rule of thumb is the bigger the better, but with an octo tank I dont know if thats true or if you can have to much power.

    Do you have one? How does it work for you? What pump do you use?

    Most things I have read says a min of 3 times the norm is good more would be better so if I got a 65 gallon set up then I would need something rated for a 200 gallon tank min. I found an EV 400 used and wanted to ask peoples thoughts on them. This skimmer is rated for up to 400 gallons and so thats almost double the "suggested" size. Can you get TO big of a protein skimmer for an octo? Or would this be a good choice?

    Also what size pump do you have/would be best? I have read mixed results with the mag 18, most people saying they upgraded the pump to a 24 to get better production.

    I currently have a HOB Remora which I upgraded to a better pump and it works GREAT. I have heard almost nothing negative about Aqua C as a company.

    Your thoughts here would be helpful.
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    Unlike a reef tank, you can't over skim an octo tank. If you are planning on a sump (by far the best choice) then the pump won't have any effect on the display tank or its inhabitants but sizing it to get max bubble exposure is outside my expertise.

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