egg fertility question


Haliphron Atlanticus
Some females carry the males sperm since being a juv. till they lay eggs. other mate closer to the time.

Males are what they are in all species, sperm donors! :lol:


LOL, gotcha :wink:

How are people geting eggs to hatch when they only have one octo? ecspecially when they got it as a baby, or are those the eggs that arn't fertil?
Or am I missing something here? I have had a huge brain fart for the last couple days so excuse my ignorance :bonk:


Colossal Squid
hi surfy

you always need a male for octopuses eggs to be fertile.. but it is true that an umated female will still lay eggs and rear them as if she has been mated, obviously these are infertile and wont develop.

briareus for example can store sperm for at least a few weeks, so if she was caught from the wild she may still lay eggs that are fertile in the home.


Alright now I understand these little guys more.
I kept reading about peoples octo's laying eggs and I was thinking how or if they could be fertil when there is only a single octo in the tank.
Thanks again.

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