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    Hello to everybody!
    The Team of well-known JURASSIC.RU web-site would like to introduce you our new project – «Ebook by order». Not a secret that scientific literature is the most important thing in both research and species determination. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to get needed rare book, and the search takes several years!
    We try to solve this problem to make all the scientific literature achieveable - now everybody can order us an electronic copy of ANY, even most rare Russian-language papers, books etc. in biology or paleontology. High-quality PDF copy will be ready in several days, and we’ll send it to you.
    Prices are moderate: 10 Euro per every 100 pages of scanned materials, no matter if there is a monograph or a number of articles.
    Plus, we offer some options: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – 2 Euro per every 100 pages; making Navigation in book – 2 Euro per every 100 pages; improving quality of grayscale images – 5 Euro for 1 book. Minimal order is 15 Euro.

    Payment transactions are only via Western Union or Contact systems. You’ll receive a letter with all the requisites after making an order.

    Orders can be made via email: jurassic.ru@gmail.com
    With any questions please refer to Alexei Ippolitov: ippolitov.ap@gmail.com

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