Duct tape in the tank? Safe??

Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by Ochopus, Jul 26, 2007.

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    So, Im having some design issues. I filled the tank and sumps with water and fired up the pump... Horrible.

    I barely have any return flow/force into the tank. But the sump compartment that the return pump is in empties faster than the sump refills. (Rio 32HF pump, rated at 1300 gph at 6' - supposed to be very powerful). I dont have that many hoses or 90 degree bends. I dont think water was dumping into the sump fast enough, so I decided to ditch the huge siphon overflow box I had. Got all ballsy this morning and cut an external overflow and glued the overflow box to the back of the tank. So, I now have an 8 inch slit at the top of the tank.

    Now, I have to "octo proof" this slit, its a lot easier to duct tape some mest over the slit from the INSIDE of the tank.

    My question is: Is it safe to have duct tape on the inside of an octopus tank?

    Even though its kinda ugly, its black duct tape against black acrylic, so you cant really see it...

    Thanks for the replies!

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    just silly cone the mesh to the tank...
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    It seems to me that you just needed to add more water to the system.
    When you fire up the return pump, the water level in the sump goes down to fill up the display to the point where the water in the tank can actually overflow back into the sump. Also, all the plumbing needs to fill with water. The amount of water that is needed to make up this difference can be more that one would expect, but it is needed if the overflow/sump system is to work at all.

    Duct tape will not last underwater. Silicone or epoxy it in place.

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