Does funding bias conclusions? Paper on marine mammals and anthropogenic noise.


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I have to question reports on bias that start like this:

The U.S.Navy,whose sonars kill marine mammals
I know the statement may be true but the topic is about bias and the abstract begins its first topic sentence trying to bias the reader. I tend to stop reading this kind of paper well before any information may be imparted.

Steve O'Shea

Colossal Squid
It's an interesting paper.

These are issues we face constantly; we uphold our role as critic and conscience of society (that's what Universities are supposed to be), but to be a critic when called for most definitely does compromise your ability to generate funds ....


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I agree Steve. Science is not immune to funding fads and politics - sadly what we want to study and what there is funding for is often not aligned. This can put earring a living and personal ethics at odds.


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we have the same problems everywhere, even there is no military or private funds, states funds depends of the states priority ...

In France the nuclear question was taboo and even now there are only few independant structures ( CRIIRAD , ), the others are linked with energy business or with atomic studies center ( linked with army and the state).

In France one of the means we have is the way to use european's council or regional state councils to provide funds on independant structures. But the results are very limited structures.

To comme back on Marine Conservation theme, in France IFREMER want to help intelligent fishing, but the french state has to preserve french fishers ( and french navy) at same time....

Status of the Establishment
Ifremer is a public institution with industrial and commercial character the seat(siege) of which is situated in Issy-les-Moulineaux. He(it) is placed under the joint supervision(guardianship) of ministries loaded with the Higher education and the Search(Research), the Agriculture(Farming) and the Peach(Fishing), the Equipment, Transport and the Accommodation(Housing), the Ecology, the Development and the Arrangement(Development) long-lasting(sustainable).

He(It) consists of 5 centres (Brest, Sleeve / sea of the North, the Mediterranean Sea, Nantes and Tahiti) and of 21 stations(resorts) on the metropolitan coast and in FRENCH OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT FRENCH OVERSEAS TERRITORY.

In the Mediterranean Sea, Ifremer covers the French Mediterranean facade of the Spanish border on the Italian border, as well as the coast(ribs) of Corsica. Concerning the Region Languedoc-Roussillon, Ifremer is implanted in Sète, in Palavas-les-Flots and in Montpelier.

Missions of the IFREMER
Ifremer has for missions to lead(drive) and to promote basic research and applied, activities of expertise and technological actions(shares) of development, in the marine domain.
The teams implanted in Languedoc-Roussillon are more and more directed in support for the development of the specific maritime economy in the Mediterranean Sea
IFREMER statues includes commercial and industrial charachters ..and IFREMER ( and the french navy) are involveld in a big part of actual french researchs ...

Most of the French oceanographic boats depends of the French navy or Ifremer.

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