Demonio Rojo DVD now available!!!


O. bimaculoides
After some fine tuning we have finaly completed our DVD of Demonio Rojo, the truth about the Humboldt Squid. The first 100 DVDs will sell for just over 19 bucks and the remainder will go up to 25.

A great holiday gift if you love cephalopods!!

None of the footage has ever been shown on TV and this film has only been shown a few times to the public. Its the story of Scott Cassell and his journey on how and why he decided to start diving with the very aggressive and large Humboldt Squid. It tells of his story and how he invented the protection armor to dive with, as well as interviews of his dives into packs of feeding Humboldts at night and his "test dive" to see if the Humboldt Squid is actually as dangerous as he suspected.

Awsome footage of an animal that the world has much to learn about.



O. bimaculoides
enrico;86774 said:
GTB, the DVD definitely looks interesting! Two quick questions though;

1) Do you ship internationally?

2) Is the disk region encoded?
As far as I know, the DVD is only available in the US. We would be interested in a foreign distributor but we have not struck a deal with anyone yet.

I will have to ask the producer about the encoding thing.



O. bimaculoides
Toren;86908 said:
I like. I hope that the full documentary is not as sensationalistic as the trailer indicates. What is the running time? Will it be available on
The quotes and footage of the trailer is taken off of the video. The video is the documentary of why and how we are down there filming these animals to begin with.

It answers questions like:

Why are you diving with these squid

Why do you need armor?

What did you use for armor when you decided you need it?

What happened when you went to see what they where really like in the wild with your camera.....

Interviews backed with footage. We dont want to make a Jaws panic or to over hype danger in the sea. But it is a documentary and the truth is the truth.

We desire to protect these animals and feel that exposing their behavior on video before someone gets hurt is the responsible thing to do. A missunderstood ocean animal is feared by the general public and will get no mercy when the fleets of boats clean them out.

It runs for 45 minutes and It will be available on Amazon soon. For now its just available on the website.



Just to explain my position a bit further I find the music, the flash, and the cuts in the trailer to be overly dramatic. That sort of stuff in documentaries is kind of a pet peeve of mine. That said, I am still very interested and will buy the DVD as soon as it's available to a Canadian.

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