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Cuttlefish Info!


Larval Mass
Dec 8, 2011
Hi everyone!

I have always been fascinated by all sea life and always will be. I am currently keeping many different species of freshwater fish/ crustacean/ etc. I have always wanted to delve into saltwater perticularly cuttlefish! They look so amazing and seem to have quite the personalities!! From what i've seen i know that it can get quite expensive to own a cuttlefish but i feel that it is worth it. I was wondering what different species of cuttlefish are their? I would like to own one of the species that stays smaller. What are the minimum tank requirements? (size, filtration, etc) I would have a species only tank with nothing but cuttlefish. Do cuttlefish do better solo, in pair, or in groups? Any and all info that everyone can give me would be greatly appreciated :grin:


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jul 9, 2009
South Florida
:welcome: to TONMO

I'll answer some of the questions quickly them hopefully a cuttle person, i'm an octo person, will give you more details.

you didn't mention where you live, but I am going to assume North America. The only species you are likely to find will be S.bandensis, or dwarf cuttlefish. Sometime the larger common cuttlefish are available but not usually to the public it seems.

Keeping them in pairs or small groups is recommended for two reasons, first they are social animals, and second so they will breed. cephalopods unfortunately have a very short life span only about a year for the cuttlefish.

the most recommended tank size is 55 or larger for a small group of three or four cuttles. Lots of live rock for good biological filtration and a simple sump with a protein skimmer are the standard recommendation.

you mentioned you heard they were expensive....its true. in the beginning they require large amounts of tiny live food, once you can get them to take frozen food it gets less expensive.

i recommend you poke around the site and read as much as you can, all the information you need is here. I would suggest stating with some articles liek these two:

also there is a list of recently kept cuttles with links to there journals.

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